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July 28, 2017

Top 10 Things You Need to Know in Preparation for the Sydney Running Festival 2017

If you are planning to participate in the Sydney marathon festival on Sunday 17th September 2017, here are some top tips and useful information.

1. Know the important event details

The Sydney running festival actually comprises four separate events. All the routes start in Bradfield Park at Milson's Point and set out over the Harbour Bridge. The ten-kilometre Bridge Run, the Half Marathon and the Marathon finish at the emblematic Opera House, while the Family Fun Run finish line is at the Conservatorium of Music, situated at the entrance to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

2. Fitness and conditioning are a vital part!

Serious runners and veterans of marathons in Sydney will know that fitness and conditioning are a vital part of training. You may wish to opt for coaching advice, especially when it comes to tapering, glycogen depletion and muscle fatigue. However, as a general rule, maintain training run frequency but reduce the distance by half during the last three to five days before the event. 

3. Monitor your speed

Consider using a phone app to monitor your speed, distance and the route during training; MapMyRun has a free basic version.

4. Yoga and swimming for cross-training

Yoga, swimming and stretching exercises are useful for maintaining flexibility, strength and mobility between training runs.

5. Plan your logisitics for the day!

Plan your logistics for the day itself including how to get to the start point – bearing in mind transport, road closures and parking. Read the course notes, plan the time you want to achieve and calculate the pace.

6. Sportswear should be comfortable

It's best not to try new running shoes and shorts for the first time in a big event. Check those event bibs for chafing, too. 

7. Diet and general nutrition play a key part in preparing for the race

At the last minute, big changes are seldom advisable. Before long runs, carbohydrates are the best energy source to feed muscles and provide the essential fuel they need so on the morning of the big day, consume water and electrolyte.

8. Monitor the latest event updates

Check the start time and latest information on the Sydney running festival 2017 website. Public transport is free and the Harbour Bridge road is customarily closed until after lunch. 

9. Know where the baggage drop facilitiy is

Sydney running festival organisers usually arrange a baggage drop facility so that you can leave a change of clothes, lightweight jacket and snacks (don't forget to apply sunscreen!). Marathons in Sydney are popular, so do try to arrive at the start area well beforehand, if possible. 

10. Set the right pace

During the run, it’s so important to set the right pace and avoid over-exertion at the very beginning. Not only does this impact on performance later, but it may also cause an injury. Use distance markers to check actual pace against your previous training performance. Afterwards, you can look forward to recuperating at the Recovery Village or back at the hotel, with a hearty brunch. 

Finally, look after your feet but remember – no new trainers on the morning of the run! 

Have fun at the Sydney marathon festival this year!